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4 Steps To Closet Organization

Antique-White-Premier-Baby-Girl-Reach-In-Feb-2014Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a custom closet system installed in your home?  The process is pretty simple, but it takes time.  

When you set up your in-home consultation, we will talk to you about all of your needs and wants.  We will then create a 3D design of your closet so you can see what your finished system would look like after installation.  At this time, you will be able to make all of your finish and accessory choices.  Here is the time-consuming part: It takes 3-4 weeks for your system to be installed because every piece is made just for you!  

Take that opportunity to clean out your closet and decide on paint color or even new flooring!  If you have any questions leading up to your installation feel free to contact one of our design experts!

Steps To Closet Organization


Do you need closet organization inspiration?

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