5 Items You Should Never Store in Your Garage in Phoenix

Phoenix Garage Organization Do’s and Don’ts

While it is easy to think of the garage as a catch-all storage space, it is important to keep the space from becoming cluttered. If you are like most homeowners, most of the odds and ends stored in the garage are items you do not want to keep in your everyday living space. However, some of these items should not spend much time in the garage, especially in the Arizona heat. Before storing anything in your garage, consider these three rules for appropriate garage storage:

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Home Organization Tip: How to Safely Store Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supply Storage Tips

No household is complete without products that brighten, whiten and disinfect all of the surfaces of a home. However, while cleaning products that can unclog a drain in seconds and easily remove stubborn grease and food stains certainly make life easier, they can also be harmful for children and pets. How and where you store your cleaning supplies can have a big impact on your family’s health, safety and budget. Follow these tips from the Phoenix home organization experts at Arizona Garage & Closet Design to safely store your cleaning supplies.

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How to Turn Your Functional Home Office into a Guest Room

How to Make Your Office a Multi-Functional Room

While it may seem nice to devote a whole room in your home to hosting overnight guests, it can be rather frustrating to only use the room every once in a while. For homes with limited space, it is almost impossible to find the space to house guests, much less maintain a full-time spare bedroom. Fortunately, with clever design and creative construction, you can turn any room in your home into a part-time guest retreat! Just in time for Memorial Day, Arizona Garage & Closet Design offers these helpful tips for transforming your functional home office or den into the perfect guest bedroom for visiting friends or family. 

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Simple Storage Tips for an Organized Garage

Is Your Garage Cluttered?

The garage is perhaps one of the most versatile spaces in your home. It can be used as storage, a showroom or a workshop. However, it is not uncommon to see many garages become a catch-all for clutter. Here are a few simple ways to keep your garage organized from the Phoenix custom garage storage and organization experts at Arizona Garage & Closet Design.

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5 Expert Tips for Kids Closet Organization

5 Tips for Getting Kids Excited about Closet Organization

It’s no easy task to get a kid’s closet organized. Getting kids motivated to keep their space organized is even harder. However, there are many ways that you can personalize a child’s closet to put them in control of their space. Below are some of Arizona Garage & Closet Design’s best kids closet organization ideas.

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Life at McDowell Mountain Features AGCD Custom Closets

Life at McDowell Mountain Features AGCD Custom Closet Designs

Arizona’s premier custom closet company is proud to share that Organizers Direct Founder, Neil Balter, was selected as the Sponsor Spotlight for the first edition of Life at McDowell Mountain.

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3 Reasons to Install Epoxy Garage Flooring in Arizona

Why Epoxy Garage Flooring is Perfect for Your Arizona Garage

Arizona Garage & Closet Design knows that choosing the right garage floor coating and finding professional garage flooring installers in Phoenix can be a daunting task. There are many flooring products on the market including painted concrete, tile and a variety of epoxies. While they all serve a similar purpose, they do not all have the same benefits.  There are also many companies that install garage flooring in Scottsdale and the surrounding area, but few have the experience, knowledge and professional installation teams that AGCD possesses.

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Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Organize Your Walk-In Closet

Organizing Your Closet in 6 Easy Steps

The best walk-in closet designs throughout Phoenix blend functionality, beauty, and flawless organization. A semi-annual cleaning and assessment of your wardrobe is an essential step to take when working towards the perfect closet. Arizona Garage & Closet Design has these six steps you can take to clean and organize your walk-in closet.

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Let the Buyer Beware: 3 Tips for Evaluating Custom Closet “Deals”

18722181-hot-deal-with-dollar-signs--in-3d-white-red-circle-label-with-text-and-symbols-business-conceptHow do you evaluate pricing in today’s world of deep discounts?  It seems like the days of a company putting a fair markup on a product and selling it at that price are long gone.  Everybody is looking for that “Deal”.

How do you know if you are truly getting the best price?  In the home organization business, when no two designs are the same, how do you evaluate the “Deal”?  Can a company truly offer 40% off plus free installation?  Most large companies struggle to make an 8% net profit margin. The “evil” drug companies are lambasted for making 12-15%.  Some large software companies can make as much as 20%.  If very few companies have a net profit greater than 20%, how are so many offering discounts of up to 40% and staying in business?  The quick answer is that they cannot offer these deep discounts without grossly inflating their markups.

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4 Closet Organization Tips for Your New Home


Concrete-Flat-Panel-Shoe-Shelf-Angle-May-2014-1Moving to a new home provides a perfect opportunity to maximize closet functionality.  But before you hang your first shirt or pair of pants, it is critical to design the space correctly.  With these 4 simple considerations you can enjoy many years of clean, functional space.

1. Where to Start:

It all starts in the home you’re leaving.  That is where the necessary purge must happen.  Clothes rarely worn, jeans saved for when weight-loss goals are met or items still with tags on them should go.

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