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How to Turn Your Garage into the Perfect Workshop

clean-garage.jpgAs Phoenicians, we spend a lot of time on our garages, whether it is completing a project in the shade during the hot summer months or protecting our cars from dust and monsoon damage. Every morning, afternoon and evening, we walk through our garages to get into our houses after a long day at work or afternoon shopping. Driving into a cluttered, unorganized garage can be stressful and projects might take longer than they should if you’re constantly looking for a screwdriver, nail or hammer.


Now, imagine knowing where each tool is, thanks to a customized tool rack or workspace designed to fit your specific needs. Imagine a sleek, clean and finished garage with custom cabinetry to hold your building materials, outdoor landscaping tools and even a designated space for a lawn mower. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? We have listed some of the top benefits of custom storage systems for garages and tools to highlight just how easy it can be to work inside your garage once again.


Custom garage storage makes tools easy to find


If you are living with a cluttered, unorganized garage, how many times have you bought the same tool or accessories because you simply cannot find what you are looking for? Custom garage storage and garage cabinets for Phoenix residents are the best way to hang tools, organize and bring order to your garage and workspace. Enjoy your own nook of the garage or work with a design team member from Arizona Garage and Closet Design to build your dream workshop.


Design your space to custom-fit your lifestyle


Designing a custom workspace or cabinetry to adhere to your lifestyle will enhance your productivity on a daily basis. If you work from your garage as an artist or are an outdoor enthusiast, being able to easily navigate through your custom cabinetry and storage spaces will allow you to cut down on time searching for items. This gets you on your way to creating a new masterpiece or heading out for a weekend of camping.


 Protect your belongings from environmental conditions


A huge benefit of a custom-designed garage and storage space is protecting your tools, car, accessories, and children’s toys from the harsh sun, dust and rain.  If you store your tools outside, the heat and dry atmosphere will quickly splinter wood, dry out rubber and even rust metal. In order to keep your tools and work materials in optimum condition, you will need a neat, organized and custom space to store and house your items.


Utilize more space and stay safe


If you have children, you know all too well how curious they can be. The last thing you want is for one of your children to grab a sharp nail, step on a screw or tip over a heavy object in your workspace.


Using a custom-designed peg wall or hanging space can open your garage up and enable you to park your car in your garage once again. Create an open floorplan by utilizing wall and hanging space for bikes, wagons, tools, small machinery, and more. Our custom designs will assist in adhering to your lifestyle and storage needs while keeping you and your family safe.


If you are looking to give your garage a makeover, contact our team at AZ Garage and Closet Design today and tell us how we can help make your garage an organized, functional space once again. Fill out our contact form today and get a FREE in-home estimate!

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