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Tips to Get Your Garage Ready for Spring

Spring cleaning has arrived and now the time has come to tackle one of the most dreaded spaces in the house—the garage. You move through your garage every day and it probably shows.  Sports bags are strewn throughout the floor, tools have lost their home, bikes and skateboards litter the floor, and cleaning supplies have somehow managed to find a way on the tool bench instead of tucked inside the cabinet. Tools and bikes aside, the garage is open to the elements and your garage-bound belongings may have accumulated dust, dirt and sun damage, especially here in Phoenix!

 Despite the work that has to be done, at Arizona Garage & Closet Design we have some helpful tips to get your garage ready for spring and to keep it organized and clean for the rest of the year. Follow our three easy steps to get your garage spring cleaning ready!

  1. Organize, organize, organize

Everything in its place and a place for everything, so the saying goes. This is often easier said than done, however. Without proper storage cabinetry, your garage-bound belongings won’t have a designated space to stay. Organization is truly key in maintaining order within the garage, so pair similar items together and designate a space for those items.

 Arizona Garage & Closet Design is in the business of making organization easy and personalized to your lifestyle. If you have one or more children in sports and you need a place to hang bags and set down dirty shoes, a built-in cabinet with hanging hooks and a shoe rack is the perfect solution for you. Overwhelmed with tools? We have workbenches to enhance workability, organization and function for your workspace in the garage. Choose from stainless steel, ebony black or ebony star to create style and sophistication in the garage.

 Overhead storage is perfect for seasonal items you only use once a year, and grid or slack walls will bring order to items that need to hang in clear view for accessibility and ease. Investing in garage cabinets for your Phoenix home will aid in organization and protection from the harsh environmental conditions that come with the desert territory all year!

  1. Stagger the process

There is no need for a mad rush when it comes to organizing and cleaning your garage. Take the process in small, manageable steps. Come up with a game plan beforehand and stick with it over the course of a few days. If it has been over a year since your last garage cleaning, consider organizing a neighborhood or family garage sale to get rid of some of the items you haven’t used or wish to replace. It might be helpful to take everything out, organize in groups of things you wish to keep, donate and sell, then start brainstorming what items will go where. If you have a workbench or tool station, ask yourself what you use the most and utilize a grid or slack wall to display those tools where you can easily reach to use. If you have a ton of sports equipment, group those items together the next day.

 Once you have designated what you wish to keep and what you wish to sell, head back to step 1 and organize, organize, organize.

  1. Use vertical and ceiling space to your advantage

The garage is a unique space where vertical wall space and ceiling space can both be used to the fullest. Hang bikes on the ceiling with low hanging hooks and get storage bins off the floor and onto stainless steel wire racks up high. Use a custom-designed grid wall to store mops, brooms, shovels and other tools that once were leaning against the wall or on the floor. Garage cabinets for Phoenix homes are an excellent way to keep critters out of shoes, bags and bins with tightly sealed frames and high-quality accessories to give the vertical cabinets a functional purpose with a flair of personal style.

 Spring cleaning the garage doesn’t have to be a drag year after year. At Arizona Garage & Closet Design, we make spring cleaning a breeze with our high-quality, functional storage and design spaces. We offer our customers the best quality in materials and will work with you to create the organized oasis you’ve always dreamed of. We offer a lifetime warranty on our cabinetry and if a wood product ever fails during use, we will replace it free of charge! Contact us today to talk about your garage space vision.

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