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Over 1 in 2 Homeowners Want a Garage That Their Neighbors Envy: A Garage Value Assessment Throughout History!

The home garage has made a definitive impact on real estate, home value and family life for generations.  The introduction to the home garage all began when the car industry started booming and the Model-T Ford became a must have for well-to-do Americans.

From carriage houses and horse stables the home garage has grown to be a luxury space for toy, car and tool storage; most houses in the United States have one and many people spend big bucks to get a custom garage to fit their individual needs.

The house with a garage sells quicker than one without because for most families, it is a necessity for storage.  This is true today and has been true since the 1920's:

Real estate men testify that the first question asked by the prospective buyer is about the garage. The house without a garage is a slow seller. -Atlantic Monthly, June 1925

Whether you use your home garage for a workout space, project room, storage for cars and gear or as a place to keep cherished family memories - there is no doubt the 300 sq.ft or so adds value to your home.  Check out the history of the home garage below and find out why garage space is so important to American's from past to present!

History of GarageCourtesy of Ifa Auto Low Cost Auto insurance

If you have a garage, consider yourself lucky!  You have extra home value and a place for all your storage needs.  To make your garage one of a kind and customized, enlist the help of a professional custom garage designer.  They will help you reach you dream garage in no time at all.  From overhead storage and custom shelving to garage cabinets, workbenches and epoxy flooring - garage design professionals have you covered from ceiling to garage floor!

Do you need garage organization inspiration?

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