Over 1 in 2 Homeowners Want a Garage That Their Neighbors Envy: A Garage Value Assessment Throughout History!

The home garage has made a definitive impact on real estate, home value and family life for generations. The introduction to the home garage all began when the car industry started booming and the Model-T Ford became a must have for well-to-do Americans.

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Tool Storage in Your Garage - Check Out These Six Cool Tips!

Tools get easily unorganized and messy, especially when all you are utilizing is a bulky toolbox. Follow our six tool storage tips to optimize garage organization and functionality in your garage, so you can have the tools you need right at your fingertips!

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Experience Wide Open Arizona Spaces... In Your Garage With Our Ten Garage Organization Tips!

Arizona's gorgeous wide open spaces are world renown. Use Arizona's open spaces as your garage organization inspiration :

Arizona is famous for it's wide open spaces, great heat and gorgeous skylines. Wouldn't it be great to implement wide open spaces into your home organization system? The best place to start creating more space in your home is with the most cluttered area... Yes, the home garage. You know the one? Piled high with boxes of junk and tools that haven't been used in years?

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Re-Design Your Garage into a Hobby Heaven!

Does Your Garage Serve a Purpose? Are You Sick of Having Project Ideas With No Space to Create? It might be time to makeover your garage design into a hobby and crafting room, so you can finally implement all your ideas!

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Think Vertical: 16 Ways to Organize your Garage From the Ground Up

Your garage design offers 400 square feet of floor space, give or take a few. Many homeowners struggle with keeping this large storage space under control, and end up paying for a professional in garage organizers.

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Four Steps To Closet Organization

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a custom closet system installed in your home? The process is pretty simple, but it takes time. When you set up your in-home consultation, we will talk to you about all of your needs and wants. We will then create a 3D design of your closet so you can see what your finished system would look like after installation. At this time, you will be able to make all of your finish and accessory choices. Here is the time-consuming part: It takes 3-4 weeks for your system to be installed because every piece is made just for you! Take that opportunity to clean out your closet and decide on paint color or even new flooring! If you have any questions leading up to your installation feel free to call your closet professional.

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Where Can I Store Surplus Food?

Between coupons, sales, and competing grocery stores meeting or beating the special deals advertised by other grocers, there are some really great ways to save money on food! If you live in a small house or have little storage space, though, the problem is that you might not have the room to store surplus food and other supplies. If you are scrambling for storage space, here are some places in your home and garage that you might not have considered:

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You Have Options in Garage Flooring

If you are like most homeowners, you have a garage floor made of concrete. Concrete is hard and tough, and strictly utilitarian. This might not seem like a problem, because with all of the heat, chemicals and dirt that can end up on your garage floor, you may hesitate to look into other garage flooring options. A customized garage floor, however, not only looks great, but also can make your garage safer and easier to maintain. Here are some options to consider when you’re thinking about upgrading your garage flooring:

Epoxy or Hybrid Polymer Coatings

If you’ve ever marveled at the high shine of an auto showroom, then you’ll probably appreciate an epoxy floor coating in your garage. These floors look great even when they’re dirty, because they reflect light and show gloss rather than grime.

Despite its shiny appearance, you won’t have to worry about slips and falls on your new floor, because epoxy coatings are also skid-resistant. This means that even when you track snow or rain into the garage, the floor won’t be slippery, and the risk of injuries will be reduced.

In addition to these important features, you’ll be glad to know that epoxy garage floor coatings are stain-resistant and easy to maintain. A quick hosing-down or damp-mop will keep your floors clean and in good condition. If you do drip oil or any other garage fluids on the floor, a quick clean-up should ensure that there are no stains, as epoxy and hybrid polymer floors are stain-resistant.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of solid colors as well as decorative chip floors, so there will be an option available that will suit your sense of style and complement your existing decor.

Garage Floor Tiles

For a flooring option that can be used in the garage, on the pool deck, on the patio and beyond, you might want to consider flexible floor tiles. These are available in a wide range of colors, and can be used in any configuration. Some popular ways to use them include making a checkerboard pattern, making stripes, designating different areas of the garage for different purposes with the use of color, and choosing team colors to make a sports-oriented garage.

Floor tiles in your garage or other outdoor living areas provide a raised texture that is not only slip-resistant, but also prevents spills from spreading. They are easy to maintain, requiring just periodic hosing, and they will resist stains, as well.

If you are having your garage customized, then this would be the perfect time to have your garage floors replaced. Most garage flooring materials are ready to be walked on within one day and driven on within three days, so you will not lose the use of your garage for very long at all. They may also be more affordable than you might imagine, making this type of garage upgrade something to consider!

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Do It Yourself: Top DIY Projects to Tackle This Spring... Or Not!

The weather is heating up, but it will be nice for a couple more months before the heat of summer sets in. If you are contemplating some home improvement projects, it’s very tempting to decide to do them yourself. In many cases, this will save you money, and you’ll have the advantage of knowing everything about the project, from the materials used to how good the workmanship is. If you’re doing something for the first time, you’ll also have the satisfaction of learning a new skill. Still, sometimes doing it yourself is not the best way to proceed. Here are some common DIY projects that people tend to take on, along with considerations to keep in mind:

  • Custom Garage Storage Systems
    Putting together a custom garage might seem like no big deal. Slap up a few shelving units, wheel in a workbench, and you’re done, right? For some homeowners, this might work. If you don’t have very many items to store and you don’t work in your garage frequently, then some shelving and a work area may be all that you need, so in this case, doing it yourself can make sense. Other times, though, having a professional come in to design and build a customized storage system will not only save you time, but might save you money, as well. You can read more about things to think about at Dream Garage Makeovers.

  • Fixing a Leaky Roof
    Drip, drip, drip. If you’re hearing this sound in your attic or, worse, seeing water dripping into your living space, then you have some repairs to do, pronto! If you have a shingle roof, you may be able to climb up there and find the curled or damaged shingles. In this instance, replacing them is fairly simple to do on your own, so long as the wood underneath is in good condition. If it’s not, however, then you might do well to call a professional roofer. A flat roof can sometimes be repaired on your own, if you can find where the water is pooling, drain it, and nail it back down. Tile roofs should be handled by professionals. If you are considering hiring a pro, here are some questions to ask before signing anything.

  • Installing Solar Panels
    We have an abundance of sun here, and many homeowners choose to install solar panels as a way to reduce their energy consumption and utility bills. There are DIY kits available, but are they safe for the average person to take on? Probably not, says Popular Mechanics. There are some parts of the installation that you may be able to handle on your own, but if it has to do with wiring, you’re always better off getting a licensed electrician, preferably one with experience in installing solar systems. When it comes to DIY, you don’t want to make a mistake that can get you killed, and if you don’t know a lot about electricity, this isn’t something you’ll want to take the chance with.

When you own your home, you have the privilege of being able to update just about anything you want. Remember to file for the proper building permits, if applicable, and to get professional help when it’s needed for safety or the integrity of the job.

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Common Garage Questions: What Are Custom Garage Systems Made Of?

When you are shopping for custom garage storage systems, you’re likely to find a variety of products made from a wide range of materials. At Arizona Garage Design, we often answer customer questions about the materials that we use in our customized storage solutions.

Q: What materials do you use in custom garage cabinets?

Our garage cabinets are made from 3/4” and 1” 45-lb commercial grade particleboard. All of our particleboard is CARB (California Air Resource Board) approved, which means that it meets stringent standards for emissions.

Next, the particleboard is covered in thermally fused melamine for the traditional finished cabinets. These are the wood grains that you are able to choose from, from dark coco, to rich bronze, and from warm maple to classic white.

If you choose one of our powder coated finishes, which are available in granite and red, then you will be enjoying the most durable and environmentally resistant garage cabinets on the market.

Our garage cabinets are fully encapsulated, so they’re moisture- and stain-resistant. The coatings are also very difficult to chip, and they are much sturdier than liquid paint or other less durable finishes.

Our hardware is made from stainless steel and also available in a variety of options.

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