Garage Cabinets in Mesa, Arizona

Your garage cabinets are an important part of your overall garage organization system. The cabinets are where you will keep a good portion of your belongings, and you need the high quality and sturdiness that Arizona Garage Design is known for.

Features of Your Mesa Garage Cabinets

Our garage professionals know what it takes to keep your belongings in good shape as they reside in your garage cabinets. We also offer several options for you to choose from, so that you can display your sense of style even in a space as utilitarian as a garage often is.

  • Wall-Mounted Cabinets
    Our garage cabinets are mounted on the wall, so you won’t have to worry about uneven flooring or about things getting stuck under them. With about six inches of clearance, you’ll even have plenty of room to swipe a broom underneath in order to keep the floor clean and dust-free.
  • Full Backing
    Have you ever had a piece of furniture that did not have a full backing? This type of workmanship makes it easy for items to get caught and fall behind the unit. Our garage cabinets have a full backing, so you won’t have to worry about gaps and spaces.
  • Strong, Adjustable Shelving
    Our shelves are a full inch thick, which is thicker than the industry standard. They’re also adjustable, so you can customize your storage as needed.
  • Choices in Doors
    You can choose hinged doors with fully concealed hinges, or sliding doors that won’t require you to move your vehicle in order to access the shelves inside.
  • Choices in Color
    We offer several wood finishes, as well as powder-coated finishes. No matter what your color scheme, we can find a solution that will make your garage look great!
  • Choices in Hardware
    We also have several hardware choices, so you can pick the type that suits you and your style the best.

Call Today For a Free Mesa, AZ Garage Consultation

If you are looking for custom garage cabinets in Mesa, AZ or the surrounding areas, look no further than Arizona Garage Design. Your consultation is cost- and obligation-free, so you have nothing to lose, other than garage chaos and clutter. Call today to schedule your appointment.