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Tool Storage in Your Garage - Check Out These 6 Cool Tips!

Tools get easily unorganized and messy, especially when all you are utilizing is a bulky toolbox.  Follow our 6 tool storage tips to optimize garage organization and functionality in your garage, so you can have the tools you need right at your fingertips!


Tip One: Long Handled Yard Tools Go On the Wall!

GARAGE TOOL ORGANIZATIONStore your long handled tools, such as shovels, rakes, etc. off the floor and on the wall.  You can choose to install a slat-wall, grid-wall or other hanging accessories for complete garage tool storage.

This simple DIY pvc set up makes great storage for long handled yard tools that would otherwise be leaning against the wall or left outside to rust.



Tip Two: Nuts, Bolts and Screws, Oh My!

garage tool storageThese pesky, yet necessary items can be a pain to store, especially if you have a lot of different sizes!  Use a shelving system with attached lids to screw a cup on with that olds your tiny objects.  You can also use magnetic paint and invest in magnetic storage tins to store these items in.

This is the perfect way to store all your nails, nuts, bolts and screws! Great for other small items too!  Use labels to identify exactly which container holds which size!



Tip Three: Make a Pegboard Wall

pegboard organization for garageA pegboard wall is extremely versatile and probably one of the most functional items for storage you can install in your garage.  In order to get tools out of messy drawers, hang them on a pegboard organization system.  You can even outline the tools, so you always know exactly where to hang them back up!

Use a pegboard system to hang everything from saws to hammers and pliers.  You will love how organized and within reach your tools become.



Tip Four: ReUse Your Old Tool Belts!

tool wall storageUpcycle your old home depot tool belt into an awesome wall storage organizer for your tools and crafting supplies. The pockets are perfect for spray paint cans, twines, wires, screwdrivers and so much more!

Just attach your old tool belt pockets to an empty wall and Voila! You now have tool storage that is out of the drawer and in easy reach!



Tip Five: Use Average Home Items for Amazing Organizing Results!

easy tool organizationSomething as simple as a shower curtain rod and hooks can hold your tools.  Check out these ten creative recycling ideas for garage organization!

Shower curtain rings can work on a pegboard or you can string a wire or curtain rod for easy tool access.



Tip Six: Bring in A Pro!

garage organization ideasThere are a ton of creative ways to store your tools in the garage, but if you are feeling stumped on creative ideas, you don't have to give up!  Hire a professional garage storage installer who can install all the custom storage solutions you need to have your tools right at your fingertips!  You can find inspiration from pinterest and have your designer implement your ideas for you!




Take ideas like these and work with your professional custom garage organizer one on one, so you get exactly what you want!

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