Pantry Organization Systems

Our durable custom cabinets and pantry organizers help Phoenix homeowners eat smart year-round.Warm-Cognac-Pantry-in-Premier-with-Wine-Spice-Basket-Slide-Outs-Neil-2013.png

The pantry is often a “catch-all” space where canned goods, boxed mixes and cooking appliances are all stored together. This can be a great way to keep all your commonly-used items available at a moment’s notice, but only if the pantry is organized properly. Our complete line of pantry organization systems has helped homeowners throughout Phoenix and Scottsdale streamline their pantries. This helps you see exactly what you already have stocked and can prevent overbuying. They also have the added benefit of making food more accessible, which encourages families to cook at home using the ingredients they have on hand.

Our designers have a great deal of success when they organize the pantry according to “sections.” For example, heavy or bulky appliances might go toward the bottom of the pantry while spices and cook books are stored at eye-level. Baking supplies which are not used as often might go on a higher shelf to save space. Your pantry organization system is entirely up to you and the possibilities are endless! Choose from a wide range of pantry organizers including:

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Custom cabinets
  • Slide-out wine and can racks
  • Slide-out spice racks
  • Scoop front drawers
  • Basket liners

We use only high quality products, including wood components that are resistant to moisture and stains. Our custom cabinets and adjustable shelves have durable edge banding which blends seamlessly in with your pantry color and style. Our designers customize each pantry design to fit your space so you get exactly the storage you need at a budget that works for you.

Our pantry organizers are built to last. Each installation comes with a lifetime warranty to protect all wood components against wear. If any piece fails during normal use, simply contact your helpful Arizona Garage & Closet Design.

Whether you have a spacious walk-in pantry or a more compact reach-in pantry, our design team has solutions to help you maximize your space. Contact us today for a free design estimate.