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Give your customers the storage solutions they crave

Arizona Garage & Closet Design is proud to partner with regional Phoenix area builders and contractors to bring Valley residents the highest quality organization solutions. We understand that storage space is an important selling point for prospective home buyers. Set a couple inside one of our custom, walk-in closets and the sale is yours.

It’s a partnership that benefits both parties

You install our hardware and customers will be thanking you for their fantastic spaces. Moreover, our advanced 3D modeling software makes planning a breeze. Show your clients what their spaces will look like, and then create custom closet and cabinet designs without changing floor plans.

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Arizona Garage and Closet Design loves working with independent home designers. You’ve found the perfect client. You’ve drafted an exquisite layout design. And now, AGCD can make your plan a reality.

The Perks

Arizona Garage and Closet Design can also work directly with the client. In that case, we’ll provide you a rebate for the lead. Or, to keep things simple with your client, you can pay us separately and we’ll design a custom storage space for your client behind the scenes.


Our storage solutions, while customizable, come in standard sizes and configurations, which makes it easy to install Arizona Garage & Closet Design products throughout multiple rooms and units. And why wouldn’t you? Residents love our stylish and convenient closets and cabinets. If you want to stand out from your Phoenix competitors, look no further than Arizona Garage & Closet Design.

Build a closet to your design standards without the hassle of production and installation.

Receive a special discount when you use our product. Keep the difference.

Know that our top-quality materials will increase customer satisfaction (even though you get all the credit).


Even if you’ve owned your apartment complex for decades, new tenants still want their units to feel crisp and spotless on move-in day. With Arizona Garage & Closet Design organization solutions, you can provide that fresh sensation year after year. Our products are made from high-quality, laminate materials that withstand the wear and tear of tenant turnover.

Plus, did you know that research indicates most renters would pay up to $100 more per month for increased closet space? Now that’s an incentive.

Add AGCD storage space and you’ll soon find that residents are willing to pay premium rent.

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Senior Living

Your clients have lived full and worthwhile lives. Memories. Prized possessions. Keepsakes. And with these things comes the need for storage space.

Trust Arizona Garage & Closet Design to supply high-quality storage products to your residential community. We take pride in the style and durability of our closets, cabinets, and drawers. In addition, AGCD products are built for convenience. Example: our drawers fully extend so that your residents won’t have to spend time struggling with items stuck in far corners.

Simplify. Organize. Enjoy. That’s our motto. If this is your goal, too, then contact Arizona Garage & Closet Design for a free consultation.

Student Housing

No matter the type of student housing, from dorm rooms to off-campus apartment living, students need ample storage for their books, sports gear, and everything in between. At Arizona Garage & Closet design we will work with you to create a design in any space that will be sure to increase organization and storage for students. College students have enough stress as it is, give them a space that is organized.

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student housing


Long car rides. Stuffy planes. Your guests want a relaxing, hassle-free hotel experience. Custom storage solutions from Arizona Garage & Closet Design provide just that. Not only do our products add modern elegance to any room, they’re also made from durable, high quality materials. That means day after day, guest after guest, your AGCD products will look and perform just like they did on the day you bought them.

That’s a promise. We even guarantee all wood products with a lifetime warranty.

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