Utility Closets

It’s in the name – start using your utility closet like it was meant to be used

You’re having friends over for dinner tonight. You need to vacuum the dining room before they arrive. But you can’t reach the vacuum because it’s buried in a messy utility closet! Allow us to solve that problem.

White linen closet with adjustable shelves

We can solve any of your storage problems

Arizona Garage & Closet Design provides custom organization solutions specifically for utility closets. Using our 3D computer modeling software, we can plan out the perfect organization needed for your space. We’ll adjust shelving height and cubby size to maximize every precious inch of storage room. Now everything from mops to spare light bulbs will have a place of their own.

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Matthew, Tucker adn Tyler were wonderful. From beginning to end – this was a great project. Could not have gone any better.

J. Neff – Phoenix, AZ

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