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Getting Your Closet Ready for Your Summertime Style

SummertimeCloset.jpgSummer is here and it’s time for swim suits, sandals, shorts, and tank tops to replace the heavier clothing of winter and fall. Moving, re-arranging, storing, and finding space for clothes rotated in and out of a closet can be stressful! Without a custom closet, complete with designated storage for our items we need seasonally, it can become a chore Arizona residents would rather not deal with.


Let’s face it, who wants to be scrambling to find bins and boxes to store coats and sweaters when you could be poolside instead? Instead of spending long hours indoors trying to figure out what goes where, take some tips from us on how to style and organize your closet for summer.


  1. Take it in stages


One day you might want to work on your shoes, the next day, work on rotating out winter sweaters. Doing it all at once can feel incredibly overwhelming, and you might not designate enough time or creativity into where items should go and carelessly place something you might need all the way in the back of a closet. Taking your time also means you’ll be able to enjoy your day outside instead of staying cooped up indoors for days on end.


  1. For each stage, make three piles


When you are organizing your closet for summer, take it in stages and put clothes and items in three separate piles: keep, store and give away. One great tip we love is the classic hanger trick. Once you have organized your clothes for the year, hang all of your hangers the same way. Turn a hanger when you have used the item. That way, when it is time to rotate clothes again, you’ll know which items you haven’t worn that particular year and that it is time to give it away!


  1. Create storage options inside the closet


Closet organization doesn’t have to be messy. Using the top shelf of your closet is great, but it can look messy and unorganized if they are simply dumped in piles and visible year round. Instead, consider installing custom-designed cabinets. For residents of Arizona, custom cabinets can be great for storing swim gear in the summer and light jackets and sweatshirts in the summer.


  1. Give your shoes some TLC


Hanging shoes is another easy tip for creating more usable space within your custom closet. Whether they hang on the back of a door or have a designated shelf for easy-to-pull options, consider a space other than the floor to store your favorite pairs of shoes. Display your favorite pair or create a shelf for your sandals so you can easily grab and go when it is time for a pool party.


  1. Pair similar items together


To make your wardrobe choices easier, hang similar items together that will allow you to easily mix and match. For example, storing your skirts next to pants will give you a visual on which tank top will look best with the item you have in mind. If not, you know where to find a replacement without calling a search party.


  1. Install a full-length mirror


Why venture outside your closet until you are completely ready to go? A full-length mirror will give you the perfect visual for your summer outfit(s), and when it is time for a wardrobe change, you can hang your discarded clothes back up right where they belong!


Arizona Garage & Closet Design specializes in organizing your custom closet for summer and creating personalized areas to reflect your personality and make your life easier. Whether you want a custom closet in Arizona or need custom cabinets for storing your winter gear, call our team and we are happy to get started executing your vision today. Contact us today for a FREE in-home consultation!

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